About hittracker

Greg Rybarczyk was born in Lowell, MA and
raised in Ayer, MA, graduating from Lawrence Academy in
Groton in 1986 and Union College in 1990, where he earned a
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He was awarded an officer’s
commission in the U.S. Navy in 1990, and served in that
capacity for seven years, fulfilling assignments aboard ship
as a nuclear engineer and his ship’s navigator, and later
ashore as a physics instructor at an ROTC prep school. Since
leaving the Navy in 1997 Greg has worked as a design engineer
and as a Six Sigma “Black Belt” and “Master Black Belt” for a
major U.S. & global corporation. In these roles he has
made extensive use of data gathering and statistical analysis
to solve business problems, making numerous quality
improvements to his company’s products and saving the company
many millions of dollars during his career. In early 2005,
Greg began designing Hit Tracker, which combines several of
his interests and talents: baseball, physics, statistics and
automated spreadsheet design. Greg lives in the Portland, OR
area with his wife and two children.