Branyan Blasts!

On Aug. 28, Russell Branyan hit two homers for the Padres, including a 427 footer to left-center field and a huge 471 foot blast to right field.  Branyan’s second homer left the bat at 119.4 mph, and picked up 14 feet from the warm, thin air inside Chase Field.  Below are the overhead flight path and the side profile of Branyan’s impressive 471 foot shot…






    Branyan has hit some long homeruns in the past, he happens to like scoreboards. here are two homeruns at seperate stadiums where he has hit the scoreboard a substantial distance from the plate:


    both of these can be found on the brewers websites under the top play archive


    How do you figure the temperature at Chase when the roof is closed? I was at this game, and it was almost chilly in the lower level seats last night.

  3. Greg

    Conrey, I just use what they have for the temp. in the box score. Either the temp. drops as the game goes on (not an outrageous idea), or maybe your Arizona blood thinks 79 is cold 🙂

    I’m from Massachusetts myself. My brother has lived in Glendale AZ for years now, and his thermostat is adjusted to Phoenix now…

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