Interesting facts around the longest home runs in each ballpark

Some interesting facts around the longest home runs in each of the 30 MLB stadiums (complete list here):Citizensbankpark_2006_636jpg

  • Ryan Howard hit the year’s longest homer (491 feet at Citizens Bank Park on April 23, see diagram at right). He also "owns" AT&T Park with his 469 foot shot on July 15.
  • The only other multiple ballpark "owners" are Prince Fielder (473 feet at Miller Park on May 12 and 462 feet at Minute Maid Park on April 18) and Vladimir Guerrero (476 feet at Fenway Park on July 30 and 469 feet at Angels Stadium on June 15)
  • Travis Hafner owns the longest homer of 2006 at Jacobs Field (437 feet on June 19), but he has hit three longer homers elsewhere, including round-trippers of 449 and 450 feet on consecutive nights at Tropicana Field Aug. 19-20
  • Besides Jacobs Field, the only other ballparks not to have seen a 450 foot homer so far this year are two of the three coldest stadiums in the league, McAfee Coliseum (429 feet by Juan Rivera on July 6) and Safeco Field (437 feet by Corey Patterson on May 23).
  • Only 8 of the 30 ballparks are "owned" by a member of the home team.  Four of these parks are listed above; the others are Yankee Stadium (488 feet by Alex Rodriguez on June 15), Shea Stadium (452 feet by David Wright on April 7), Busch Stadium (455 feet by Albert Pujols) and Turner Field (463 feet by Jeff Francoeur).Greatamericanballpark_2006_521jpg
  • Florida rookie Reggie Abercrombie hammered the longest homer of 2006 at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park (481 feet on April 19, see diagram at right).  Abercrombie’s monstrous 127.3 mph blast was his 1st career ML homer.
  • Tampa Bay outfielder Jonny Gomes hit the 1st home run of 2006 at Camden Yards in the 2nd inning of opening day on April 3.  Gomes’ 451 foot shot has stood up since as the longest of the year at that park.
  • Three of the 30 "ownership" homers were hit on June 15: A-Rod’s and Vlad’s listed above, plus Jim Thome’s 459 foot homer at Ameriquest Field.

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