Aug. 22 Homers: Once Just Isn’t Enough

On August 22, 2006 there were 32 home runs hit in 15 games, bringing the total for 2006 to 4,198.  A total of four players had multi-homer games: the Mets’ Carlos Delgado and Cards’ Albert Pujols each hit two home runs in the same game at Shea Stadium, Mariner Adrian Beltre hit home runs in the first and ninth inning (the last a walkoff) against the Yankees at Safeco Field, and the Orioles’ Nick Markakis went deep three times at Camden Yards against the Twins.

Top 5 Homers by True Distance for Aug. 22, 2006: (complete list here)

  1. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays, 444 feet
  2. Nick Johnson, Nationals, 436 feet
  3. Nick Markakis, Orioles, 432 feet
  4. Albert Pujols, Cardinals, 429 feet
  5. Adam Dunn, Reds, 428 feet

Notable Homers:Rogerscentre_2006_4185jpg_2

  • Toronto’s Vernon Wells hit the day’s hardest homer, a 444 foot blast to left field at Rogers Centre that left the bat at 116.6 mph.  The Blue Jays held on for a 4-3 win in a game that featured four incident-free pitching changes…
  • New York’s Alex Rodriguez reached the upper deck in left field at Safeco Field with his 421 foot homer, but actually managed to hurt his numbers for the Golden Sledgehammer: A-Rod’s towering blast picked up 9 feet of help from a gentle following breeze, and lost 2 feet from the cool temperature, for a net effect of +7 feet from atmospherics, meaning the standard distance of his homer was 413 feet (yes, I know 413 plus 7 doesn’t equal 421, this is due to the way the numbers are rounded off).  A-Rod still leads the Golden Sledgehammer race by a comfortable margin, though, with an average standard distance on his homers of 416.6 feet…
  • Baltimore’s Nick Markakis homered three times (432 feet, 411 feet and 397 feet) to run his total for the season to 11.

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