Aug. 20 Homers: Another Tropicana Bullet

On August 20, 2006 there were 34 home runs in 15 games, bringing the total for the year to 4,148.

Top 5 Homers by True Distance for Aug. 20, 2006: (complete list here)

  1. Travis Hafner, Indians, 450 feet
  2. Nomar Garciaparra, Dodgers, 432 feet
  3. Carlos Delgado, Mets, 426 feet
  4. Reed Johnson, Blue Jays, 424 feet
  5. David Ortiz, Red Sox, 420 feet

Notable Homers:

  • Travis Hafner hit a 450 foot rocket into the right field stands at Tropicana Field during a 9-4
    win over the Devil Rays.  Hafner’s homer came off the bat at an amazing 122.8 mph, his second straight homer in as many days to exceed 120 mph!  The fan closest to the impact point fortunately had the good sense to get out of the way instead of attempting a catch…
  • Yankee Jason Giambi hit homers # 35 and 36 (403 and 395 feet) during an 8-5 win over the Red Sox at Fenway Park
  • Dodger Nomar Garciaparra rocked a 432 foot home run to left-center field at AT&T Park during a 5-2 win over the host Giants…

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