Aug. 19 Homers: Howard & Hafner

On August 19, 2006 there were 28 homers in 15 games, bringing the MLB total to 4,114.

Top 5 Homers by True Distance for Aug. 19, 2006: (complete list here)

  1. Ryan Howard, Phillies, 465 feet
  2. Travis Hafner, Indians, 449 feet
  3. Mark Teixeira, Rangers, 432 feet
  4. Chris Duncan, Cardinals, 432 feet
  5. Lastings Milledge, Mets, 428 feet

Notable Homers:Citizensbankpark_2006_4090jpg_2

  • Philly’s Ryan Howard crushed his 43rd homer of the season, a 465 foot homer to center field

    at Citizens Bank Park, during an 11-2 whipping of the visiting Nationals.  Howard’s blast came off the bat at 117.9 mph and carried to the back wall of the visitor’s bullpen, where it scored a direct hit on a Power Ball lottery sign, advertising a jackpot of $40 Million.  Currently Howard earns the league minimum $355,000 per year, but a few years down the road when he signs his first big contract, he can expect to reel in considerably more than the jackpot on the sign…

  • Cleveland’s Travis Hafner hammered home run # 37, a 449 foot home run to right field at Tropicana Field that left his bat at a blistering 120.8 mph, his hardest hit home run so far in 2006.

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