How to win a Dodge truck at Kauffman Stadium…

At Kauffman Stadium, there is a Dodge truck "mounted" on a stand about 3/4 of the way up the grass in left field, and if a player hits the truck with a homer, a fan wins a truck.  But how likely is this?  Hit Tracker tells us that on a no wind, 90 degree day, a player would have to hit the ball at 115.9 mph off the bat, at an angle of about 35-36 degrees, in order to impact the truck and send a fan home in a dented Dodge…  Win_a_truck

Considering there have been 9 homers at Kauffman Stadium hit harder than 115.9 mph through August 16, it is certainly possible that some player will do it.  However, since 6 of the 9 players listed in the link above were visiting players, and since visitors have outhomered the Royals 74-48 this year, that player will probably not be one of the hometown favorites…


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