Aug. 16 Homers: Going Solo at PETCO

On August 16, 2006, there were 34 home runs in 15 games, bringing the major league total for the season to 4,016.  Notables:

  • The Giants and Padres combined for 6 home runs at PETCO Park, all with the bases empty.  Ben Johnson hit two for San Diego (409 and 403 feet), while San Francisco’s Barry Bonds hit career homer # 724, a 408 footer to right field.  Padre Mark Bellhorn hit a 331 foot homer to right field that came off the bat at only 91.6 mph, the 3rd softest homer of the season…
  • Atlanta’s Adam LaRoche reached the upper deck at RFK Stadium with his 398 foot rainbow during the Braves 9-6 loss to the Nationals…
  • Arizona’s Shawn Green ripped a homer into the second deck in right field at Coors Field during a 9-5 win over the Rockies.  Helping out Green’s muscles and keen hand-eye coordination were the thin Denver air (+36 feet), a fresh following breeze (+11 feet) and the slightly warmer-than-standard air (+2 feet), turning a respectable 398 foot line drive into a 446 foot monster.  Just think how far a dry ball would have gone!


  1. Zack

    Good stuff as always. I have quite a HR story to tell, but it’s gonna have to wait for a few more days…

    -The Baseball Collector

  2. Greg

    Bummer on the 1-0 game, Zack. Hopefully you did better on this one… That seems to happen to me, too, I was at PETCO in June for a 2-1 game, and at Metrodome last year for the Garcia – Santana 1-0 duel…

  3. Zack

    I just posted about my game at PETCO on the 15th. At some point today, I hope to write all about the 16th. Stay tuned. Your site will be mentioned…

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