Aug. 15 Homers: Three for Reyes, plus a hill-topper…

On August 15, 2006 there were 24 homers in 15 games, which is a fairly low number for a full schedule.  That works out to 1.60 per game, as compared to the ML average so far this year of 2.20 home runs per game.  The highest per game rate was on July 31, with 39 homers in 10 games for an average of 3.90 per game.  Here are the top 5 days for home runs thus far in 2006:

  • July 31: 39 homers in 10 games = 3.90 per game
  • June 11: 54 homers in 15 games = 3.60 per game
  • July 24: 38 homers in 11 games = 3.45 per game
  • August 7: 31 homers in 9 games = 3.44 per game
  • June 4: 50 homers in 15 games = 3.33 per game

Despite the small number of homers, there were some notable blasts hit today:

  • Texas Ranger Hank Blalock ripped an Ervin Santana pitch 456 feet into the upper deck in right field at Ameriquest Field.  Blalock’s homer left his bat at 117.3 mph, his second-hardest home run of his 14 in 2006.  Nevertheless, the Angels were able to defeat Texas 9-7…
  • Chicago Cub Jacque Jones became the first player in 2006 to clear the center field fence in Minute Maid Park behind the hill, with his 445 foot shot off Astros ace Roger Clemens.  The Rocket has only surrendered 5 homers this season, none of which were nearly as long as Jones’ hill-topper…
  • The Mets’ Jose Reyes hit three homers against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park: 402, 410 and 419 feet.  He is the second player in as many nights to post a three-homer game, after Chipper Jones’ trifecta against the Nationals yesterday…

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