Aug. 13 Homers: Flying out of Fenway…

On Aug. 13, 2006 there were 35 home runs in 15 games.

  • The Red Sox and Orioles each launched 3 home runs during an 11-9 Boston victory at Fenway Park.  Kevin Youkilis smashed his 12th homer of the season, a 432 foot shot to center field that came off the bat at 114.8 mph, both season highs for the Red Sox infielder.  There have been 108 homers at Fenway Park this season in 55 games.
  • Catcher Josh Bard became the 2nd Padre hitter in as many days to reach the upper deck in right field at Minute Maid Park, following Todd Walker’s homer on Aug. 12, when he struck a 440 foot homer in the 6th inning of a 7-2 win over the host Astros.
  • Garrett Atkins mashed a 440 foot grand slam to left field at Coors Field during an 8-7 loss to the visiting Cubs.  Atkins’ homer, like all those hit at Coors, benefitted greatly from the thin Denver air, picking up 36 feet of distance from altitude, plus another 9 feet from the wind and 4 feet from the warm temperature.  In standard conditions, Atkins’ ball would have flown only 391 feet…
  • The Angels’ Chone Figgins is not known for his power, but he went 374 feet deep at Yankee Stadium, thanks to a favorable wind (+19 feet) and the short fence in right field in the Bronx, which is only 350 feet from home plate where Figgins’ ball crossed (see diagram).Yankeestadium_2006_3927
      98.4 mph off the bat doesn’t usually get you a trip around the bases, but today, it was enough…
  • Yankee Jason Giambi also homered at Yankee Stadium, an impressive 428 foot blast to left-center field.  Giambi’s homer was notable in that it was only the 4th of his 34 homers to land to the left of dead-center field.  From Giambi’s home run scatter plot, you can see why teams put the shift on for him…


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